FASHMOB started in 2014 in Asheville NC to provide a fun and creative exchange for people in the Asheville fashion community.

The purpose of this meetup is to bring together photographers, models, designers, stylists, and artists to hang out for two hours and create unique and original images. This is a great way for all participants to gain exposure for their craft. For instance, if you are a clothing designer, that hasn’t had the budget to get good photos of your creations, this is a great start.

Hood shrug with matching shorts urban outfit by Accentuates Clothing

I was ready with a three piece urban funk outfit in chatreuse modal with teal paisley edging.  The hoodie shrug, matching shorts and a contrasting teal tank top.

Hood shrug with matching shorts urban outfit by Accentuates Clothing

This was a well attended outdoor event along the outside of Riverview Station with all kinds of great backgrounds including brick walls, old iron doors and warehouses with the most graffiti that I have seen in one place. The theme was motion/emotion. Photographers were challenged to capture motion with creative lighting and camera tricks.

Fashmob is generally an impromptu event for beginners and pros. Designers, makeup artists, and models are encouraged to network, behind the scenes, to have unique fashion looks ready for the meetup.  Looking forward to Fashmob IV later this year!

Photographer: Shawn Ibanez

Model: Bailey Townley