This is an inside peek in my studio and what happens in the design process here. People often ask me what am I up to right now as a designer.

This is where the action happens! For me it all starts with a sketch.  But not always – sometimes I freehand cut a different shape from a previous pattern piece – always exciting to see how it turns out.

Diane Gardner Marketing-15

Selecting an appropriate fabric from my stock – or I might special order a different fabric.

Diane Gardner Marketing-3

Here is my cutting room table where I make my first paper patterns from scratch. Then I lay out the fabric and cut out the garments.

Diane Gardner Marketing-9

Next the cut fabric parts are taken to the sewing room – and sewn on one of my fabulous industrial Juki sewing machines – real reliable workhorses.


Whitney is my amazing assistant – she is putting finishing touches to an outfit – getting it ready for a local downtown Asheville store.  This one is going to  vavavooom


Did you like this tour? Leave me a comment below.  I’d love to hear what you would like me to show you next.