Behind The Scenes At Accentuates Clothing

This is an inside peek in my studio and what happens in the design process here. People often ask me what am I up to right now as a designer.

This is where the action happens! For me it all starts with a sketch.  But not always – sometimes I freehand cut a different shape from a previous pattern piece – always exciting to see how it turns out.

Diane Gardner Marketing-15

Selecting an appropriate fabric from my stock – or I might special order a different fabric.

Diane Gardner Marketing-3

Here is my cutting room table where I make my first paper patterns from scratch. Then I lay out the fabric and cut out the garments.

Diane Gardner Marketing-9

Next the cut fabric parts are taken to the sewing room – and sewn on one of my fabulous industrial Juki sewing machines – real reliable workhorses.


Whitney is my amazing assistant – she is putting finishing touches to an outfit – getting it ready for a local downtown Asheville store.  This one is going to


Did you like this tour? Leave me a comment below.  I’d love to hear what you would like me to show you next.

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  • Alicia

    Great idea, Diane! Love it!
    Much love,
    Alicia x

  • Tom Merren

    Hope to see your river goddess pictures on your site.

    • GoddessEmerging

      Hi Tom! You can visit the Gallery Page to see more of the River Maiden, or watch the videos on the Video page, or find her in my Etsy shop.

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